hollow water - light spectrum


glass, river water, ash, wood

Tsukuba Art Center


 Installation views

“hollow water  - light spectrum”


Installation ; Tsukuba Art Center 2015


This artwork has a deck installed along the river at the foot of the mountain, and after placing a water jar made of blown glass (with a cracked at the bottom), pour the water of the river into the water jar and It leaks slowly. The leaking water constantly changes its contour while reflecting the landscape upside down.

There is a small waterfall behind the installed water jar, and the scenery inside the water jar appears to rise like boiling water due to refraction. It's like an image of a reversed world, and  never get tired of watching it.

When sunlight shines on the water jar on the pedestal colored in black, the shadows and spectra of the trees appear, and when it rains, the pedestal becomes a water mirror and be able to immerse myself in the deep scenery.